Our services are as following:

Graphic and web site design
- Our experienced graphic designer can design both web site and general graphic work such as logo and trademark to serve your company's desire.
Web site developing
- We provide not only graphic design but also web site developing and consulting in both content and marketing.

Hosting service
- Hosting service is efficient by using high speed and reliable network with cost efficiency that is suitable for your company.

Domain name registration
- Also domain name registration service for both international domain (.com, .org, .net etc.) and Thai domain (.co.th, .in.th etc.)

Internet related programming
- Especially for your company's specific software
- We provide system analysis, database design, programming and maintenance.

Turn-key consulting
- Internet turn-key solutions initiating from choosing appropriate technologies for your company, consulting, system analysis and design and marketing on Internet through e-commerce.

Internet marketing consulting
- Internet marketing information, media purchasing via Internet and marketing planning for Internet are what our expertise. So fell free to call us anytime once you need to solve your problems.

- With our Intranet solution, accounting system and internal management system. The Intranet will surely enhance all of the internal management system for your organization.

- We offer training related to Internet in part of technical, marketing, management, e-commerce and other related knowledge.

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